how does reversebus® work?

reversebus activates when hotel rooms, triage facilities and food facilities are in short supply. our buses are advanced bls capable and available for "anytime anywhere rapid deployment".
  • mass injury/casualty events
    • reversebus can be mobilized as onsite ems support for triage, first-aid and recovery
  • wildland fire agencies
    • reversebus is a vital solution for fire crew support on a dynamic fireline
  • tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes
    • reversebus can operate in high temperatures, extreme humidity, and provided thousands of guests the rest they needed

There are no limitations to the use or location where reversebus can be sent. we have experience in shipping overseas, we can and will arrange brokers if needed.

instead of people riding the bus to the service,
the service rides the bus to the people.

dimitri snowden®

blessed founder