your donations.

we are starting in indianapolis, indiana with our washbus and sleepbus.

reversebus relies on generous donations to operate and serve our guests.

donations allow us to repurpose, stock, fuel and support all reversebus operations and services.

we cannot do this without you!

individuals + organizations.

ways to give

  • your time
  • toiletries
  • toilet paper
  • clothing
  • first aid supplies
  • donations
  • peel-top canned tuna
  • peel-top canned soup
  • nut butters
  • apples
  • oranges
  • ready-to-eat foods
  • bottled water
  • utensils


ways to partner

  • buses under 500k mi
  • parking exemptions
  • access to fire hydrants
  • official support

our mission is to reduce the friction created and experienced from homelessness.