we provide affordable, safe and comfortable overnight sleeping for housing-insecure students.


per night. all students.

thats it. thats all.

* must be at least 18 years old
* must have current and valid student id
* check-in @ 9p until check-out @ 8a
* no re-entry
*reversebus sleep is separated by gender (male/female)

note: all reversebus will carry 2 onboard volunteers and a security officer

reserve your sleep suite!

coming soon!

we provide affordable temporary, safe and comfortable sleep shelter for students


  • private sleep suite
  • private usb charging
  • private locker
  • toiletry kit
  • lavatory
  • gentle alarm


  • one gender per bus
  • check-in by 9p
  • check out by 8a
  • no re-entry


  • braille signage
  • wheelchair accessable
  • stair-free path
  • well lit



  • guarded
  • chapel
  • free wifi

instead of people riding the bus to the service,
the service rides the bus to the people.

dimitri snowden®

blessed founder