code of conduct.

we have a few rules to help us keep everyone safe and happy on board (including you) so please respect these rules when using reversebus:
  • no smoking or vaping of any kind on reversebus.
  • no alcohol or drugs of any kind on reversebus.
  • no weapons of any kind (including in your baggage) on reversebus.
  • no unruly behavior on the bus. no shouting, being loud, or generally disturbing guests, volunteers or stakeholders.
  • no animals on board (service animals must be documented)
  • no littering on the bus or the area surrounding reversebus.
  • all devices (cell phones, tablets, radio’s, portable speakers etc) may only be used with earphones or headsets.
  • device use may not disturb other guests, volunteers or stakeholders.
  • respect other guests, volunteers and stakeholders property and space.
  • carry-on bags are allowed as space permits and at reversebus discretion.
  • please stay in your wash suite or sleep suite during your stay  (unless going to the on-board restroom, of course).
  • please don’t take photos, video or make audio recordings of guests, volunteers, stakeholders, equipment or procedures.
  • to protect the health of all passengers, reversebus will deny access, remove or redirect any guest:
    • whose bodily fluids are exposed.  this includes, but is not limited to, urine, feces, saliva and blood
    • whose body/mind is injured 
    • who is experiencing a medical emergency
    • who needs medical care
  • reversebus reserves the right to deny access , remove or redirect any guest at any time in its sole discretion. 

instead of people riding the bus to the service,
the service rides the bus to the people.

dimitri snowden®

blessed founder