busfair videogame

under development

players will buy, build and stock buses with supplies to help groups of underserved people located around the city. manage your own bus fleets and expand to become the be best Samaritan in Roblox!

  • Build buses
  • Build and decorate your facility
  • Buy and drive buses
  • Serve homeless groups through out the city
  • Compete in bus races
  • Complete time trials
  • Collect loot drops

100% of in-game purchase revenue goes to support reversebus services.


  • multi-player
  • multi-platform
  • in-game purchases
  • unlimited game play


  • requires reversebus access pass


  • whenever stocked
  • wherever located



  • well-lit
  • accepts donations

instead of people riding the bus to the service,
the service rides the bus to the people.

dimitri snowden®

blessed founder