wash with dignity

washbus provides mobile showers, hygiene resources, and personal care to those in need.  our guests will be able to take a warm shower, brush teeth, shave and even dispose of syringes (sharps) in a safe, clean and climate controlled bus.

  1. this service can be used standalone
  2. this bus will connect to a fire hydrant, water truck or water trailer
  3. this service is required before guests use sleepbus or reversetrain


  • 30 min total stay
  • 5 min shower
  • private wash suite
    • shower
    • sink
    • toilet
    • towels


  • free toothbrush/paste
  • free all-in-one shower gel
  • free razors
  • free feminine products
  • free condoms
  • free diapers



  • low barrier (no id)
  • braille signage
  • wheelchair accessible
  • stair-free path
  • well lit



  • timed showers
  • dry toilet (waterless)
  • climate controlled
  • syringe receptacle 
  • infant changing station

how to partner with reversebus.

to keep this bus in stocked and in service, we always need:

  • your time
  • toiletries
  • toilet paper
  • socks & underwear
  • clothing
  • first aid supplies
  • donations

reversebus fleet.


with dignity


with dignity


with love

instead of people riding the bus to the service,
the service rides the bus to the people.

dimitri snowden®

blessed founder