with love

we provide non-emergency integrated health resources to those in need.  this is a first come, first serve service.

  1. this service can be used standalone


  • bandages
  • splints
  • cruches
  • canes
  • wheel chair


  • non-emergency
  • first-aid only
  • thermal recovery
  • hydration recovery


  • low barrier (no id)
  • braille signage
  • wheelchair accessible
  • stair-free path
  • well lit



  • guarded
  • chapel
  • free wifi

this bus needs your support!

to keep this bus in stocked and in service, we always need:

  • your time
  • wheelchairs
  • crutches
  • canes
  • unused first-aid items
  • donations

crisis response.

reversebus can be activated when traditional resources are exhausted or inaccessible due to climatic events, geologic events, pathogenic events and/or civil unrest.

our buses provide a rapid and flexible infrastructure to support first-responder wellness, incident command logistics and victim support.

reversebus is capable and available for “anytime, anywhere" rapid deployment.

reversebus fleet.


with dignity


with dignity


with dignity

our mission is to reduce the friction both
experienced and created from homelessness.