about reversebus.

reversebus is a fleet of repurposed city buses that provide essential resources (and dignity) individuals experiencing homelessness.

reversebus consists of purpose-built buses for: eating, washing, sleeping and first aid.

our mission.

our mission is to provide immediate access to food, hygiene, sleep and medical care to people experiencing homelessness.

who we serve.

  1. the homelessness
  2. the invisible homeless
  3. the housing-insecure
  4. and any human who just needs help!

why buses?

  1. buses can be strategically mobilized, activated and deployed anywhere there is a road
  2. cheaper operating costs than traditional facilities
  3. repurpose single-use vehicles reduces automotive waste

the problem.

  1. we have a lot less housing that is affordable to people that don’t make a lot of money
  2. access to housing is directly tied to ones wealth 
  3. rent burdens exceeds income standards

the solution.

the only way to solve homelessness is housing.

housing is a human right.

reversebus exists as an intercessory service until housing becomes a human right and homelessness is eradicated.

our core values.

we are compassionate

We serve with empathy and respect for all. We lead with kindness in understanding that individuals are influenced by their experiences and circumstances. We treat every individual as if they were our own, and connect with people by seeking all points of view.

we empathically engage

for us, engagement means listening and being responsive to earn the trust of each individual we serve. through engagement, we make discoveries together and help find specific solutions to elevate individuals out of the experience of homelessness.

we live to serve

we keep the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness at the heart of our work, doing what is best for them and the community.

we actively advocate

housing is a human right. we believe in a world where everyone has access to safe and affordable housing. housing is a cornerstone of health, stability, and human dignity.

we are human centered

we strive to reduce friction within the experience of homelessness by providing immediate mobile access to food, hygiene, sleep, first-aid, and other resources.

we continually improve

continuous process improvement, innovation and collaboration with those we serve, volunteers and stakeholders allows us to leverage contextual feedback to better our service offering.

our core focus.

To reduce friction within the experience of homelessness by providing immediate mobile access to food, hygiene, sleep, first-aid, and other resources.
Our niche is focused on individuals that are chronically unsheltered, underserved and overlooked.

we are faith based.

as a faith-based organization, we are committed to ensure that all people are treated fairly, equally, and consistently as God prescribed.

there isn’t a single circumstance that should result in people sleeping on the ground indefinitely.

blessed founder