rapid crisis response.

reversebus can be activated when traditional resources are exhausted or inaccessible due to climatic events, geologic events, pathogenic events and/or civil unrest.

our als buses provide rapid and flexible resource support for: mass casualty incidents, incident command, first-responder wellness, and reunification.  

reversebus is capable and available for “anytime, anywhere” rapid deployment.

we have insulated supply chain delivery for our deployed fleet units.  we can deploy units to support subterranean (rapid rail) and street-level (bus) incident response needs.

mass injury/casualty events

reversebus can be mobilized as onsite ems support for triage, first-aid and recovery


police, fire and ems agencies

reversebus provides rapid and flexible infrastructure to support first-responder and incident command

urban and rural fire agencies

reversebus is a vital solution for fire crew support on a dynamic fireline

tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes

reversebus pods extend supply and basic service infrastructure.