what is reversebus?

reversebus is a fleet of repurposed city buses that provide essential resources (and dignity) to individuals experiencing homelessness.  

reversebus consists of purpose-built buses for: eating, washing, sleeping and first aid.

our mission.

our mission is to reduce the friction created and experienced from homelessness.


with dignity

we provide mobile hunger relief to people facing persistent food insecurity.


with dignity

we provide showers, hygiene resources, and personal care items to anyone in need.


with dignity

we provide overnight private sleeping suites for guests experiencing homelessness.


with love

we provide general non-emergency first aid items and resources to those in need.

how does reversebus work?


reversebus fleets will travel to areas with high concentrations of individuals experiencing homelessness.


guests choose any or all reversebus services: eat, wash, sleep* and first-aid

*sleep vouchers are issued by a referring reversebus partner.


guests check-in to use any or all services they choose until the daily provision has been exhausted.

*our buses are restocked, refreshed and sanitized per use and daily.


guests will be directly connected to our strong partner providers.  

how to partner with reversebus.

reversebus is a fleet of repurposed city buses that provide clean and safe essential resources to those in need.  the  fleet is broken down into resource units consisting of buses for: washing, eating sleeping and first aid. 

combine any or all of the 4 resource units to support your specific community solution or emergency event.


ways to give

  • your time
  • toiletries
  • toilet paper
  • clothing
  • first aid supplies
  • donations


ways to support

  • group time
  • toiletries
  • toilet paper
  • aed
  • clothing
  • donations


ways to partner

  • 40' or 60' transit buses
  • parking exemptions
  • access to fire hydrants
  • official support

our mission is to reduce the friction both
experienced and created from homelessness.